Wednesday, March 16, 2011

just a rambling update

So…For 6 months I have been planning to make my wedding dress, and while I do still plan do such…holy cow have the fates thrown wrenches into my plans.

My future mother in law has cancer and this Friday will have a masectomy (think is after a lumpectomy which did not get all the cancer), then last week she feel down the stairs at her apartment and broke her tibia and fibula just above the ankle. She is recovering well after surgery and she will be in the rehabilitation facility until the around the first week of April. Then she will come to stay with us while she heals. This is fine, but I of course had to transform my sewing room into a bedroom for her, so the walls got new paint, organization went through that room like a tornado and now all I have to do is shampoo the carpet so everything is fresh and clean and pick up the bed my girlfriend is loaning us.


All this and I have to be in Atlanta for the two week prior to her arrival.

Now, on the plus side, I have finally made a dent in Mermaid of the Pearls:

And Stone Roses is at about 25% done! YAY!!!
Now, if you are unaware, I started this on a piece of fabric that I had laying around and did not realize how horribly uneven the weave was…I officially hate it. The big question is, do I put it away and let it become a UFO, push through and complete it or restart on something prettier? Thoughts?

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