Thursday, June 9, 2011

corset progress

Wasn't feeling well yesterday so I decided to stay home from work.  I did get some sewing done and watched the entire Pillars of the Earth series.  WOW, I really wasn't expecting to get sucked in, but it was great!

First I got my busk put in!

I quilted my Gores for the corset.  There are two bust ogres and three hip gores.

Hand stitched the slashed edges for the hip gores

basted around the gore placement

I did get them fully inserted and sewn in.  I tried it on, and the hips were too big.  So I took the two big ones out and trimmed, replced, tried again.  STILL too big.  It took three rounds of inserting and trimming before they were correct, but YAY!  it now looks like a corset.

I am hoping to get it boned this weekend and will post more pic on Monday!


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