Wednesday, August 10, 2011

100 Project Challenge

I have been reading on others blogs about a 100 project challenge. What a great idea to stay motivated and track your own progress over time. I am not sure if I actually have 100 patterns, but I am sure I am pretty close. Msot of the ones that I have seen on others boards seem to be ongoing for a while now and I would feel way to far behind to jump in, so I will just track on my own.

Here are the rules that I am setting for myself.

1. Patterns may not be bought unless they are for a gift for someone, or a RR

2. Stash may only be bought to go with a pattern already owned, if it is up in the next 5 listings to be started.

3. Every 5 projects that get completed I may buy myself 1 new pattern or book.

4. Everything counts. RR’s, freebies, smalls…everything. And I will count Corsets as completed projects due to the amount of time and enjoyment I get from them.

I may add or amend to these rules as I go, but this is it for now.

So…about that list…Here are the first 25, but not in the order that they will probably be stitched
1. Mermaid of the Pearls
2. ye olde Saint Nick
3. Tuscan Flavor
4. TW Fruit Bellpull
5. Stone Roses
6. TW Noah’s Ark
7. TW Spring Carousel Horse
8. TW Carousel
9. Mira Midsummer Nights Fairy
10. Mira Mermaid of Atlantis
11. Mira Bluebeards Princess
12. Mira Savannah’s Curtsy
13. Mira Scent of Old Roses
14. Celtic Christmas
15. Royal Holiday
16. Mira Autumn Queen
17. Celtic Autumn
18. Mira Summer Queen
19. Celtic Summer
20. Mira Spring Queen
21. Celtic Spring
22. Mira Winter Queen
23. Celtic Winter
24. Dimensions Friendship Sampler
25. Celtic Welcome Kit

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